The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology recommends that “infants at high risk of peanut allergies be given foods containing peanuts before they turn 1.” The recommendations stem from “a major allergy” study published this year that indicated that “exposure to peanuts in infancy seemed to help build tolerance — contrary to conventional thinking.”

Distracted driving led to 3,338 deaths in 2012.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, incidences show a continuous increase.  There are three categories of distracted driving: manual (driver removes hands from the wheel), visual (driver is not looking at the road), and cognitive (driver is not focusing only on driving).  Any activity that removes the driver’s main focus from driving causes distracted driving.  This includes eating, grooming, talking to passengers, and listening to the radio.  Cell phone use and texting provide a major distraction, because they involve all three categories of distracted driving.

Texting for 4.6 seconds at 55 mph would be equivalent to driving 100 yards without looking.  Usage of cell phones while driving causes 18% of distracted driving deaths in the U.S.  At any given time around 600,000 drivers may be using cell phones or other electronic devices.  This has been shown statistically to increase the risk of a crash by 3 times. The most inexperienced drivers, age 15-19, are the most likely to be in a crash caused by distracted driving.  25% of teenaged drivers respond to a least one text whenever they drive.  Both teens (20%) and adults (10%) who were polled, participate in texting while driving.  Hands free devices, while not visually or manually distracting, still provide a major cognitive distraction to the driver.

Drivers need to be educated about the extreme danger which texting, cell phone usage, and any type of distracted driving places them, their passengers, bystanders and other drivers.  For more information, go to:


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