Why You Should Join The Alliance

The AMA Alliance is a national volunteer organization comprised of physicians spouses -- male and female --working to further the aims of the AMA through community programs, projects and services. It was founded in 1922 and its more than 40,000 members are dedicated to promoting good health in America and improving safety within our communities. The Alliance is also committed to the legislative grassroots efforts affecting today's health care.

As a federated member of the Alliance --a member of your county, state and national --you become an important part of the medical family. Your dues allow members across the country to take advantage of the information and materials developed and distributed by the AMA Alliance.

These include initiatives such as the SAVE program --Stop America's Violence Everywhere --which has already reached over 1,000,000 school children with materials designed to teach peaceful resolutions to conflicts. The Alliance has joined General Colin Powell's crusade, America's Promise, in an attempt to provide resources to help children become successful adults and General Powell has acknowledged and commended our efforts. We have also initiated a SAVE-A-Shelter program to assist battered women and, in the aftermath of the school shootings, a SAVE Schools From Violence program. Violence prevention and intervention materials are available to all Alliance members.

Members are also involved in a nationwide initiative that brings awareness to the need for organ and tissue donation. The AMA and the AMA Alliance urges all physicians and their families to sign donor cards and to make their wishes known. Federated membership allows members to educate the public on this issue and to lend support to centers as they attempt to come to the aid of the nearly 70,000 people on the waiting list for an organ transplant.

Smoking cessation programs are yet another way that your dues help to inform and educate the people of our communities about healthy living. Smoking-related illnesses and deaths are 100% preventable! The tobacco settlement money was intended to be used to educate children about the hazards of tobacco use and to control the tobacco industry in its promotion of tobacco products, especially as it pertains to children. Find out what your county has done with its settlement money! Call or write your County Executive and urge him to use the funds as they were intended.

Our Alliance is working in conjunction with-- and supported by --the AMA. We are advocates for medicine. The AMA and the AMA Alliance speak with one voice as they attempt to make a change in health care delivery .The more powerful our voice, the stronger our message and the more likely legislators will listen to what is being said. YOU can make this difference! Begin by urging physicians to encourage their spouses --and the spouses of their physician friends --to join the Alliance. Tell them of the worthy projects and programs now being implemented. Be proud of what we do! Assure them that Alliance members ARE making a difference as we contact our legislators and advocate for better health care. We need YOU to help to solve some of the problems facing medicine today. Won't you join our efforts? Won't you encourage others to join our efforts? Won't you become a part of the solution?