Welcome to the MSSNY Alliance

The MSSNY Alliance is a volunteer association of spouses of medical society members. Physician’s spouses have changed a great deal since our founding, but we still want to support one another, support our spouses and promote health in our communities.

Your spouse might be looking for social or professional networking opportunities or a meaningful way to support your goals for legislative or regulatory changes that will improve healthcare delivery and reduce the hassle factor associated with the practice of medicine today.

If you think your spouse might be interested in learning more about the Alliance in your community or what the State Alliance can offer, please contact us to provide us with contact information so that we can reach out to him or her. This information will NOT be shared with any outside parties.


Scholarship News

The AMA Foundation presented scholaships! 

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Health News

Allergies, Distracted Driving, and more..

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If you are not a member, please considering joining along with your spouse. 

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